Best Genshin Impact Furina Build: Artifacts, Weapons, Teams


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Best Genshin Impact Furina Build: Artifacts, Weapons, Teams
If you're looking to get the most out of the showy Hydro Archon, then this best Furina build guide has everything you need to know about her artifacts, weapons, and teams.
31.10.2023 - 23:32
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The best Furina build in Genshin Impact will have the quirky Hydro archon not only pulling out all the stops to perform at her best, but also deal a huge amount of damage and make your whole team stronger. Using our build guide for Furina will help you get the most out of the character.

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  • Furina overview
  • Best Furina Artifacts
  • Best Furina Weapons
  • Best Furina Teams

Furina overview

Furina is a character seemingly designed as a sub-DPS character who can dole out big damage while off-field using summoned Hydro creatures. However, she can also switch forms to allow her to summon a healing creature too, meaning she has one of the most interesting kits in the game.

Her damage-dealing summons drain life from your party as they attack, and her ultimate makes it so that any life gained or lost helps her build up Fanfare stacks, which will increase the damage dealt and healing done by your party. She should go very well with the current roster of Fontaine characters who rely on draining their own health, and could well oversee a huge shift in the meta too.

Best Furina Artifacts

Furina is a character who does a lot of damage with her skill while she’s not on the field, which means that her best set is the new Golden Troupe artifact set which increases Elemental Skill damage by 20% as a two-piece set, and then further increases it by 25% percent as a four-piece set, with a further 25% increase when the character isn’t on the field.

In terms of stats, Furina is an HP-scaler, which means that you’re going to want a HP sands, a HP or Hydro DMG goblet, and then a Crit Rate or Crit DMG circlet, depending on all of your other stats, to try and aim for a Crit Rate of at least 60% or higher.

In terms of substats, it’s very wise to seek out Energy Recharge, as her burst is very important, along with Crit Rate and Crit DMG, and of course, HP. If you’re having no luck with Energy Recharge substats, you can go for either an Energy Recharge weapon like Favonius Sword, or for an Energy Recharge sands, especially if it has good substats.

It is worth noting that if you decide to go hard on Furina and pull enough copies of her to get her final constellation, she can infuse her sword with Hydro and boost her on-field abilities. At this point, it’s worth considering the Marechaussee Hunter set if you plan to use her as your main character.

Best Furina Weapons

Furina’s best weapon is her signature weapon, Splendor of Tranquil Waters. This is a weapon with a lot of Crit DMG that increases the damage of her Elemental Skill whenever her HP increases or decreases, and also boosts her Max HP whenever other party members have a change to their HP too. It’s literally made for her, so there are no surprises there.

In terms of other good five-star weapons, the best ones are ones that are HP-related. That means the Key of Khaj-Nisut, which is Nilou’s signature weapon, is a great shout, and the Primordial Jade Cutter is a strong option too.

Some good four-star options for her will likely be the Fleuve Cendre Ferryman, which has an Energy Recharge substat, and a passive that boosts both Elemental Skill Crit Rate and Energy Recharge. There’s also the Festering Desire from a 1.2 event that grants increases Elemental Skill DMG and Elemental Skill Crit Rate, although if you don’t have this, you can’t get it, which is a shame.

Best Furina Teams

Building teams is the fun part for a lot of players, and is certainly less stressful than praying for good Artifacts when farming them. As a sub-DPS, Furina has a huge amount of compatibility with the current roster of characters. She can easily work in any team a character like Xingqiu or Yelan would, and can even play a healer if you’re bored of using Kokomi, although we’d always recommend you stick her on damage dealing to get the most out of her.

She also isn’t reliant on normal attacks to trigger her sub-DPS abilities. This means that burst-reliant damage dealers, skill-heavy ones, or those that use charge attacks can get a lot from her too. That means the likes of Dehya, for example, may well see a huge boost in potential thanks to the Hydro archon.

Because she drains a lot of health as she attacks, and her burst makes any changes in health beneficial, she can also boost the potency of healers. We’ve all long relied on Bennet as our main way of boosting our attackers, but Furina can make it so that other healers like Jean will gain a lot of power. Jean can also serve as a way to consolidate your Anemo unit and healer in one place, and when paired with Furina, could allow you to stop using Kazuha quite so much, if you want to do so for some reason.

Ultimately though, the best characters for her will be ones that manipulate their own HP. This means that Neevillette and Wriothesley are both excellent teammates for her. A team comprised of Neuvillette, Furina, Fischl, and Jean could put out huge damage and keep themselves healthy at the same time. Likewise, you could run Wriothesley, Furina, Yelan, and Jean, which would make for an absurd freeze team. She’s a very flexible character, and we’re very excited to try her out in every team we can manage.