CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Spoilers Begin To Leak


02.11.2023 - 01:17
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is set for release on November 10, but the game's campaign mode becomes playable on November 2 for people who preorder. Ahead of that, spoilers for the military shooter's campaign have begun to appear online. As such, fans who do not want to be spoiled should be careful poking around the internet for the next few days before launch.

Fans can add specific words to their muted lists across social media to try to avoid spoilers. There are no guarantees that things won't slip through, but it might be worth trying anyway and at least being more mindful than usual when looking around the internet.

What appears to be the Modern Warfare III campaign mission list has emerged online, and is filled with potential spoilers. Even the game's official ratings description from the ESRB contains what might be considered by some to be story spoilers. So be careful out there.

Campaign spoilers for Modern Warfare 3 are already beginning to surface.
If you don’t want to get spoiled I recommend staying off of social media or being very careful about your browsing.
You can also add campaign specific words to your muted list such as Makarov etc. #MW3

— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) October 30, 2023

Modern Warfare III is a direct sequel to 2022's Modern Warfare II, and features Task Force 141 getting back together for another globe-trotting adventure. Trailers so far have revealed that the villain Makarov is back and there might be a plane-hijacking scene.

In a since-deleted tweet seen by GameSpot, designer Steve Holmes suggested that Modern Warfare III might feature an interactive terrorist attack. This would follow on from the infamous No Russian mission from 2009's Modern Warfare II that was previously referenced in a MW3 trailer.

Modern Warfare III's campaign is playable on November 2 for people who preorder the game digitally and on November 10 for everyone else alongside the game's official launch. On the multiplayer side, the game has 16 updated maps from 2009's Modern Warfare II, including the fan-favorite Rust, but no brand-new maps, at least not at launch.

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