Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase Brings Multiplayer, Apple Arcade Version, And More


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Other Interesting News

Roughly a year since it launched into early access programs on various platforms, Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDV) just got its first showcase event, detailing many major changes coming to the game in the weeks and months ahead.

The video event included a first look at multiplayer, the reveal of an Apple Arcade version, and some teases for new Disney and Pixar characters coming in future updates, like Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. Here's everything that was announced at the Disney Dreamlight Valley Showcase.

2023 content plans include multiplayer

Though the showcase eventually teased 2024 plans, the folks at Gameloft first wanted to share plans for the near future. The first headline is that Jack Skellington will be moving into the titular valley before year's end as the latest free character update. A new winter Star Path (the game's version of a battle pass) is also on the way and will include snowy outfits inspired by various Disney characters.

Perhaps the biggest headline is ValleyVerse, the game's take on multiplayer. Once ValleyVerse launches, you'll be able to join or invite players for multiplayer sessions, though you can't bring other players into Realms or different playable areas outside of your valley. You'll be able to exchange items with other players and visit Scrooge McDuck stores other than your own to find new inventory, which rotates randomly within each valley daily.

Though the number of players able to play in one valley together was not explicitly stated, the video did seem to suggest up to four players could join together. Gameloft said this is only the beginning for the game's multiplayer features and players can expect further developments in the future.

Exiting Early Access and heading for 1.0

As previously announced, the game will exit its Early Access phase and launch as Disney Dreamlight Valley 1.0 in December. Gameloft said this change will come with the biggest polishing update to date and marks the end of the main questline's first act, with more story content on the way. Players who previously purchased a Founder's Pack, which was anyone playing before the 1.0 launch, will receive a bundle of 2,500 Moonstones and in-game cosmetics including a new cottage style for their home, a new overalls outfit, and a new flowery capybara companion skin.

2024 roadmap

Looking farther down the line, the first Realm of 2024 will be Monsters Inc., Gameloft announced. Realms are story mission locales that take you out of your valley and ask you to aid beloved characters in various missions, concluding in those characters moving into your town. In this case, Mike and Sully will be the new neighbors when the update arrives. Later in the year, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog will join the valley, too.

A Rift In Time expansion details

We already heard about the game's first paid expansion, A Rift in Time, but now we saw a new trailer dedicated to it, including some new biomes, characters, and storyline. The expansion will arrive on December 5 for $30, and it comes bundled in the game's Gold Edition exclusive to digital stores.

We also learned A Rift In Time will be split across three chapters, as players meet new heroes and villains including Rapunzel, Gaston, Eve, Jafar, and more. These new characters can be moved to the main valley if players prefer them there. A new tool, the hourglass, will aid players in exploration, too. Many more recipes, furnishings, clothing options, and other cosmetics are also on the way.

The new landmass is roughly the same size as the original valley, making it a quite large addition, and thankfully this new region does not count toward your object count from your main valley, meaning you can decorate each fully without needing to account for the other. A new tabletop game playable within the Rift In Time expansion will also be introduced.

Ancient Machines will be introduced and will allow players to automate some processes, such as watering gardens and aiding in cooking meals. These machines will, like the characters, become available in the main valley, too.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition comes to iOS in December

For players looking to play DDV on the go, the Arcade Edition comes to Apple Arcade on December 5 and offers largely the same experience, albeit without an in-game premium shop or a Star Path, as Apple Arcade does not permit any in-game purchases. This version will also not support cross-save with platforms outside of the Apple ecosystem since it is, effectively, a different version of the same game that just happens to play virtually the same. The Arcade Edition does, however, include the Rift In Time expansion bundled with the game from day one.

Disney Dreamlight Valley soundtrack is available now

If you've played the game, you're already familiar with the cheery music that plays behind every activity you perform, giving the game a sense of the Disney magic many players are there for. That soundtrack is now available on major streaming platforms for the first time, so you can jump in and rearrange your bedroom to the same tunes you've heard while decorating your virtual home in DDV.